Oct 13, 2009

Next patch(v.1.1) Submitted

Sadly, my old v.1.1 patch rejected, but it's ok. It's not a big patch.
So, I make new patch v.1.1. This patch submitted in Oct 15.

What's new in v.1.1

- Improved user interface
- Units can now be selected & controlled in "Puzzle" mode.
- "Select All" now applies to all the Units produced
- Added "Prev" & "Next" buttons
- A hint will be given if you don't move puzzle blocks for five seconds.
- More Enemy Units get generated at a higher rate. Massive battle!
- Reduced Mana cost of Unit generation.
- Improved memory management.
- Improved frame rate.
- Fixed online scoring problem.
- Fixed a problem of receiving too much Gold
- Increased Health points, Attack power, and level of Enemies. But please don't be afraid; the Gold remains even if you lose the game, so you can keep on upgrading and trying again.
- Removed restrictions for some upgrades.
- Reduced Action Points and Cooldown Time for special skills, while increasing the Attack power. Special skills are now crucial to win the game!
- Due to changes in the game balance, a new scoreboard has been created for v1.2. If you do not upgrade to the new version, the score will be reported to the old scoreboard.
- You can select game's difficulty when you start a new game.
- Added new backgrounds.
- Added the following options to the Option menu:
a) enable/disable hints for the Puzzle.
b) select the shape of Puzzle blocks. (for colorblind ppl)
c) turn off blood display.
d) increased save slot.

have a nice day!

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