Oct 11, 2009

Your great ideas and my answers - No.1

Thank you for loving XenoWars.
Everyday I read your reviews. I think I should reply to your opinions.

Cartoon Wars imitation
- I like cartoon wars and play a lot. But there are so many games like cartoon wars. Anyway, I have many plans. Graphics will be totally redesigned.(Now I'm searching for a good designer to do these things).

Too Easy!
- I know, but I think my first game must easy to everybody can enjoy it.
In V.1.2, More enemy units get generated at a higher rate and becomes powerful.

Upgrade Balancing
- This is my mistakes. In V.1.2, upgrades becomes more harder.

More Units!
- I think so. But now, I prepare another updates - wifi multi player supports. You can fight with your friends soon! I think this is most important to XenoWars. After this patch, more units will be added.

Show how much damage a unit does per hit
- It is a technical problem. Sorry for my poor programming skill. I don't want my games looks laggy in massive battle. I'll consider this when frame rate improved.

More backgrounds and weather effects
- I make Xenowars all by myself. and I'm a programmer. this is very hard for me. So, now I'm searching a good designer. Yes, more backgrounds and weather effects will be added... when I find a desinger...

Difficulty levels
- This will be added in V.1.3

Worthless for colorblind ppl
- I'm really sorry. I'm already add block shape change option. You can enjoy XenoWars V.1.2

OpenFeint Achivement
- This will be added in V.1.3

More slots
- This will be added in V.1.3

Puzzle hint
- This will be added in V.1.2. Also, you can select show puzzle hint or not.

If you have a great idea, please write a review about that.
I write my answers in this blog.

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