Oct 30, 2009

Hot fix submmited today

We apologize for the confusion caused. This patch is especially for the existing players who found it hard to cope with the sudden increase in the game difficulty caused by the previous patch. The difficulty level of Easy mode is now similar to that of the initial version. However, this patch was created with utmost urgency, so the game balance may not be satisfactory enough. We will make every effort to maintain the game balance.
We apologize again for the inconvenience.

- Easy mode has become easier! Check out below:
    a) Reduced difficulty level of Easy mode.
    b) Removed Upkeep limit in Easy mode.
    c) Removed Unit creation Cooldown time in Easy mode.
    d) Eased Upgrade restriction in Easy mode.
- Fixed a Gold display problem during battle.
- Updated Game help.
- Added OpenFeint Achievement.
- Fixed a blocking issue with LeaderBoard in OS 2.2.1
- Decreased game difficulty.
- Added combo bonus for the puzzle.
- Fixed a problem with background image display.
- Enhanced unit creation cooldown time display.

Oct 29, 2009

How to Win!!

1. Make use of various different Units and upgrade them. You can't win by producing a couple of strong Units.

2. Very little Mana is provided in the beginning of the game. Wipe out Blue-tone blocks to collect Mana, and upgrade Mana Pool to the highest level.

3. Enemies attack in waves from the start. So produce defense Units as you collect Mana.

4. Melee Units have high Health Points (HPs) and high attack power. Ranged Units have lower HPs and lower attack power, but can attack multiple Enemy Units from a distance. You can deploy Melee Units at the front and Ranged Units at the back. Ranged Units: Gunner, Mage, Elemental, Angel

5. Special Attacks have 12 times higher attack power.

6. Upgrade Mana Pool as fast as you can while maintaining the defense force. The higher the Mana level is, the more Units you can produce.

Oct 28, 2009

What's new in v1.1.2

This patch submitted in Oct 28.

- Added OpenFeint Achievement
- Fixed a blocking issue with LeaderBoard in OS 2.2.1
- Decreased game difficulty
- Added combo bonus for the puzzle
- Fixed a problem with background image display
- Enhanced unit creation cooldown time display

Oct 21, 2009

Pause problem

VirusBomb says:
1. if you pause the game and then put the ipod or iphone in sleep and turn it back on it will be playing even though it is still paused not that big of a deal but still
2. if you pause it you can see the puzzle screen still and just look for moves i dont mind it when i cant find where the move is but its still kindof cheep

P0rtalthinker101 says:
While paused hit the sleep button on your iPod/iPhone. Unlock and the game unpauses, with the options for main menu and resume still on screen.

This problem fixed. It will be applied in next patch.
Thank you guys. Have a nice day.

Oct 20, 2009

XenoWars v1.1 playing

XenoWars becomes faster & harder

What does the jewel power upgrade do, specifically?

Each block has speciall abillity, gain gold / MP / AP and give damage.
"Jewel power upgrade" do increase amount that gained from all blocks.
So jewel power upgrade is most expensive.

In next patch, That upgrade's name will be changed to "Block power (Increase all block's power)"

Oct 13, 2009

Next patch(v.1.1) Submitted

Sadly, my old v.1.1 patch rejected, but it's ok. It's not a big patch.
So, I make new patch v.1.1. This patch submitted in Oct 15.

What's new in v.1.1

- Improved user interface
- Units can now be selected & controlled in "Puzzle" mode.
- "Select All" now applies to all the Units produced
- Added "Prev" & "Next" buttons
- A hint will be given if you don't move puzzle blocks for five seconds.
- More Enemy Units get generated at a higher rate. Massive battle!
- Reduced Mana cost of Unit generation.
- Improved memory management.
- Improved frame rate.
- Fixed online scoring problem.
- Fixed a problem of receiving too much Gold
- Increased Health points, Attack power, and level of Enemies. But please don't be afraid; the Gold remains even if you lose the game, so you can keep on upgrading and trying again.
- Removed restrictions for some upgrades.
- Reduced Action Points and Cooldown Time for special skills, while increasing the Attack power. Special skills are now crucial to win the game!
- Due to changes in the game balance, a new scoreboard has been created for v1.2. If you do not upgrade to the new version, the score will be reported to the old scoreboard.
- You can select game's difficulty when you start a new game.
- Added new backgrounds.
- Added the following options to the Option menu:
a) enable/disable hints for the Puzzle.
b) select the shape of Puzzle blocks. (for colorblind ppl)
c) turn off blood display.
d) increased save slot.

have a nice day!

Oct 11, 2009

Your great ideas and my answers - No.1

Thank you for loving XenoWars.
Everyday I read your reviews. I think I should reply to your opinions.

Cartoon Wars imitation
- I like cartoon wars and play a lot. But there are so many games like cartoon wars. Anyway, I have many plans. Graphics will be totally redesigned.(Now I'm searching for a good designer to do these things).

Too Easy!
- I know, but I think my first game must easy to everybody can enjoy it.
In V.1.2, More enemy units get generated at a higher rate and becomes powerful.

Upgrade Balancing
- This is my mistakes. In V.1.2, upgrades becomes more harder.

More Units!
- I think so. But now, I prepare another updates - wifi multi player supports. You can fight with your friends soon! I think this is most important to XenoWars. After this patch, more units will be added.

Show how much damage a unit does per hit
- It is a technical problem. Sorry for my poor programming skill. I don't want my games looks laggy in massive battle. I'll consider this when frame rate improved.

More backgrounds and weather effects
- I make Xenowars all by myself. and I'm a programmer. this is very hard for me. So, now I'm searching a good designer. Yes, more backgrounds and weather effects will be added... when I find a desinger...

Difficulty levels
- This will be added in V.1.3

Worthless for colorblind ppl
- I'm really sorry. I'm already add block shape change option. You can enjoy XenoWars V.1.2

OpenFeint Achivement
- This will be added in V.1.3

More slots
- This will be added in V.1.3

Puzzle hint
- This will be added in V.1.2. Also, you can select show puzzle hint or not.

If you have a great idea, please write a review about that.
I write my answers in this blog.

Oct 10, 2009

After I beat the general rush of enemies, why the enemy doesn't generate any more?

I think cartoon wars very hard to win because of it's endless enemy rush. This cause long time battle. So, I make enemy has it's own mana pool. When enemy uses his all mana, he can't make unit anymore. Enemy has more mana every next level.

Also, I think this game too easy. But I think my first game must easy to everybody can enjoy it.
In v1.2,
More enemy units get generated at a higher rate and becomes powerful.

Oct 4, 2009

XenoWars runs in jailbroken?

I don't know. I don't have any jailbroken device.
I think...probably cause memory problem.

but, in v1.2, memory management will improved.
so, I think you can run XenoWars(v1.2) in jailbroken device.

Oct 3, 2009

OpenFeint problem - XenoWars

I recognize that there is a problem in OpenFeint initialization. If OpenFeint shows your scores only, please reboot your iPhone(iPod). This problem will fixed in next patch(v1.2)

I'm really sorry :(

Oct 1, 2009

What's new in v1.1 - XenoWars

-Improved user interface
-Units can now be selected & controlled in "Puzzle" mode.
-"Select All" now applies to all the Units produced
-Added "Prev" & "Next" buttons

1. Puzzle blocks
Match 3 puzzle: If you match three blocks with the same color, they burst and give you different
resources depending on the color:
Silver: Obtain Gold
Red: Attack Enemy
Blue: Obtain Mana
Green: Earn Attack Points
Purple(Red+Blue): Attack Enemy and Obtain Mana
Cyan(Blue+Green): Gather Mana and Get Action Points
Yellow(Red+Green): Attack Enemy and Get Action Points

2. Your castle
Enemy attacks damage your castle. Your castle's Health Points need to be above zero to stay in the game.

3. Unit buttons
Produces a Unit by consuming Mana. Stronger Units need more Mana. Mana can be earned by matching
blue/purple blocks or wiping out enemy Units.

4. Mana pool upgrade button
Increases the Mana Pool capacity. You can upgrade Mana Pool as many as 5 times per battle.

5. Inventory
Displays current Mana, Action Point, and Gold status.

6. Minimap
Displays the location of your Units as well as enemy's Units. It also shows the health of the castle.
You can move to a specific location by touching on the minimap.

7. Battlefield
You can move the map by dragging it. In "Action" mode, you can select a Unit by clicking it.

8. Mode Toggle button
Switches between the "Puzzle" and "Action" modes.

9. Unit control
In "Action" mode, you can select and control a Unit.

10. Action tooltip
Shows the name of the selected Unit and the Action Points needed to use special skills.

11. Action buttons
If you click on a Unit, the following Action Buttons are shown on the screen.
If you click on the map, the selection is released and Action Buttons disappear.

A.Prev Unit: Selects previous unit.
B.Next unit: Selects next unit.
C.Select All: Selects all the Units with the same type as the currently selected one.
D.Select One: Selects the current Unit and unselects the rest of the Units.
E.Go: Releases the currently selected Unit from "Hold" to allow moving it forward.
F.Hold: Stops the selected Unit at the current position and lets it attack the enemy Units within the range.
G.Special: Switches the Unit to a special skill mode. The next attack causes more damage than ordinary attacks.