Sep 24, 2009

XenoWars, XenoWarsLite

XenoWars is a "new style" game that combines the fun of the real-time strategy (RTS) game and the traditional match 3 puzzle game.

Your mission is to protect your castle against your enemy and to eventually defeat your enemy.
In order to do so, you need to collect Mana and produce Units.

You can also gather Gold and upgrade your Units to deal with your increasingly-powerful enemy.
Plus, Action Points (AP) can be gained to let your Units use special skills.
These resources (Mana, Gold, and Action Point) can be earned by solving the match 3 puzzle.
The game ends if the Health Points (HP) of your castle drop down to zero.

Game features:

- Easy to learn and challenging at the same time!
- Unique game that combines puzzles and action
- Fast-paced
- Various actions: Puzzle, Unit production & control, and special skills
- Minimap: displays Unit locations with touch-and-move interface to navigate
- Cartoon style stick character
- Over 20 different kinds of Units producible
- Infinite upgrade possible
- Infinite number of stages
- OpenFeint Integration


XenoWars Lite:

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