Sep 24, 2009

Basic help - XenoWars

1. Puzzle blocks
Match 3 puzzle: If you match three blocks with the same color, they burst and give you different resources depending on the color:

Yellow: Obtain Gold
Red: Attack Enemy
Blue: Obtain Mana
Green: Earn Attack Points
Purple: Attack Enemy and Obtain Mana
Cyan: Gather Mana and Obtain Gold
Orange : Attack Enemy and Obtain Gold

2. Your castle
Enemy attacks damage your castle. Your castle's Health Points need to be above zero to stay in the game.

3. Unit buttons
Produces a Unit by consuming Mana. Stronger Units need more Mana. Mana can be earned by matching blue/purple blocks or wiping out enemy Units.

4. Mana pool upgrade button
Increases the Mana Pool capacity. You can upgrade Mana Pool as many as 5 times per battle.

5. Inventory
Displays current Mana, Action Point, and Gold status.

6. Minimap
Displays the location of your Units as well as enemy's Units. It also shows the health of the castle.
You can move to a specific location by touching on the minimap.

7. Battlefield
You can move the map by dragging it. In "Action" mode, you can select a Unit by clicking it.

8. Mode Toggle button
Switches between the "Puzzle" and "Action" modes.

9. Unit control
In "Action" mode, you can select and control a Unit.

10. Action tooltip
Shows the name of the selected Unit and the Action Points needed to use special skills.

11. Action buttons

If you click on a Unit, the following Action Buttons are shown on the screen. If you click on the map, the selection is released and Action Buttons disappear.

Select All: Selects all the Units with the same type as the currently selected one.
Select One: Selects the current Unit and unselects the rest of the Units.
Go: Releases the currently selected Unit from "Hold" to allow moving it forward.
Hold: Stops the selected Unit at the current position and lets it attack the enemy Units within the range.
Special: Switches the Unit to a special skill mode. The next attack causes more damage than ordinary attacks.

XenoWars, XenoWarsLite

XenoWars is a "new style" game that combines the fun of the real-time strategy (RTS) game and the traditional match 3 puzzle game.

Your mission is to protect your castle against your enemy and to eventually defeat your enemy.
In order to do so, you need to collect Mana and produce Units.

You can also gather Gold and upgrade your Units to deal with your increasingly-powerful enemy.
Plus, Action Points (AP) can be gained to let your Units use special skills.
These resources (Mana, Gold, and Action Point) can be earned by solving the match 3 puzzle.
The game ends if the Health Points (HP) of your castle drop down to zero.

Game features:

- Easy to learn and challenging at the same time!
- Unique game that combines puzzles and action
- Fast-paced
- Various actions: Puzzle, Unit production & control, and special skills
- Minimap: displays Unit locations with touch-and-move interface to navigate
- Cartoon style stick character
- Over 20 different kinds of Units producible
- Infinite upgrade possible
- Infinite number of stages
- OpenFeint Integration


XenoWars Lite: